Why pull weeds in your garden?

Here at Before Six, our children love to explore our natural environment. Our tamariki help to look after our vegetable and flower garden through weeding. They also ensure not to pull the vegetables or the flowers from the garden. Since there have been weeds growing in our garden, we decided to teach our tamariki about why weeding is important to our gardens. They have been learning about what a weed is and why it should be removed. They have also learned that a weed should be taken out or removed because they compete with the crops for nutrients in the soil and for sunlight as well. The most efficient way to take out a weed is to take it out from the roots’.

Any unwanted plant that grows without anyone planting it is referred to as a weed. By weeding the garden, they have learned about what the weeds do to our crops, from taking all the nutrients to blocking our crops from much-needed sunlight.

Weeds will crowd out garden fruits from your view, block their flowers from the sight and scent of the pollinators that cause fruit to set or other beneficial insects that might have been attracted to your garden. If the weeds are too abundant and attractive to pollinators, they could actually curb the pollination of the cultivated crops because the pollinators have an adequate food source in the flowering weeds. ~ https://www.reformationacres.com/2017/06/why-pull-weeds.html

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